Band members L-R:
Christi Hodgkins - harmonica, trombone, saw, vocals
Lear Hodgkins - drums, washboard, jug, vocals
Eileen Hodgkins - banjo-uke, guitar, tap dancing, vocals
Camilla Hodgkins - banjo, keys, vocals
James Chandler - double bass, vocals
The Perch Creek Family Jugband are a band of five energetic multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, four of whom happen to be siblings. Their latest material introduces the world to a sound the group call “psychedelic jug band” - steam-powered roots music plugged into 3,000 volts of inner city creative energy and a fearless spirit that sparkles with imagination and individuality.

The band invite listeners to dive through the rabbit hole, jump into a ready-to-race pink Cadillac and take a whirlwind ride into a never-ending landscape of bizarre and colourful characters and eye-widening sights, where things are never really as they seem.

The Perch Creek Family Jugband have been performing and evolving over the best part of ten years, taking their music far beyond the well-trodden territory of traditional jug band music, and laying the foundations to become one of the most entertaining and innovative original musical acts doing the rounds of Australia and the international stage today.
 The Perch Creek Family Jugband have appeared everywhere from ABC's Spicks & Specks to The Sydney Opera House, as well as on extensive tour and major festival appearances across Australia, Europe and the UK [Edinburgh Fringe, The Green Man, The Falls Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Golden Plains] — stand to be counted with their new album Jumping On The Highwire. Promising high energy shows and larger than life characters, their album tour rips around the country on one last run of Australian shows before a three month tour of Europe, the UK and Canada.
       “Definitely a band to keep an eye out for during 2014” [Blank GC Magazine]
“The Perch Creek Family Jug Band are an irresistible group of multi-instrumentalists with a foot-stomping sense of humour.” [Justin Huntsdale – ABC News]